Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
Mychal Wynn
Inspiration, Motivation, Strategy
Mr. Wynn and his foundation is to be congratulated for the wonderful work they are doing. Expanding college access, exposing students to programs like ours [Meyerhoff Scholars]. and supporting their journey into the right postsecondary institutions is critically important if we are to ensure college access and degree attainment for more students of color and those from lower-income backgrounds. The student who Mr. Wynn recommended to our program was a stellar candidate and has already distinguished herself as one of our most brilliant freshmen. We no doubt that she will succeed on her current pathway to earning an MD and PhD. Mr. Wynn, we thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many students and families.
 — Keith Harmon, Director, Meyerhoff Scholars Program, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Mr. Wynn frequently tells the ‘Starfish’ story and challenges educators with the questions, ‘Who are your Starfish? Who are the students in whose lives you know that you have made a difference?’ Mr. Wynn and his wife are ‘Starfish Masters.’ They have made a direct impact on the lives of thousands of students and families through their published works, hands on guidance, and inspiring presentations. The success of our 15-student 2015 College Planning Cohort is nothing short of legendary. Our students amassed over $3.3 million in scholarships and financial aid, including our district’s first Gates Millennium Scholar, Meyerhoff Scholar, and Questbridge Finalist. Over 100 rising seniors were inspired to sign up for our 2016 cohort. There has been an amazing cultural shift in the attitudes and expectations of students, teachers, parents, and throughout the entire community. We know that the strategies work and that the college pathway is wide open for our students.
— Yvonne Scott, Director of College, and Career Readiness, Florence County School District 3 (Lake City, SC)
Mr. Wynn has been instrumental in kicking off our 'Black Male Learners Book Club.' His books, 'Follow Your Dreams: Lessons That I Learned in School' and 'The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens' are not been instrumental in cultivating an attitude of black male intellectualism, but they have inspired our young me to become leaders in their schools and positive contributors to their communities. Not only does Mr. Wynn's journey allow him to connect with our youth, his insight into their attitudes toward, challenges they face in school, and hopes and aspirations, make him uniquely gifted in fostering relationships, inspiring learning, and moving youth to becoming proactive in closing achievement gaps.
— Patrick Johnson, Director of Academic Excellence and Equity, Tacoma Public Schools (Tacoma, WA)
Mr. Wynn is much more than a motivational speaker, he is an extraordinary educator. His keynote presentations provide lessons in effective instruction. He references research, uses videos, testimonials, personal stories, anecdotes, and real-life examples of student outcomes in a way that makes you laugh, cry, and self-reflect. Mr. Wynn has the unique ability to connect with teachers, parents, and students across socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Wynn has had a transformation impact on our district and the entire Lake City, South Carolina community. The mayor was moved to present Mr. Wynn with a Key to the City, and students and parents have developed a lasting relationship with Mr. Wynn and his wife.
— Laura Hickson, Superintendent of Schools, Florence County School District 3 (Lake City, SC)
The keynote address and workshops that Mr. Wynn presented at the Umoja Conference has reverberated throughout the California Community College System. While everyone at the conference was intrigued with Mr. Wynn's remarkable presentations (keynote address and two workshops), our students were inspired to apply themselves to college on a different level. By and large, students left with more than attitude of passing classes, but with attitude of pursuing a level of intellectualism focused on learning for the sake of learning. Many of my students approach me throughout the conference offering apologies for not having been better and more engaged learners. Mr. Wynn is a dynamic speaker, remarkable educator, and has achieved student outcomes that any educator would envy.
— Karen McCord, Psy.D., Umoja Director, Solano Community College (Suisun, CA)
Mr. Wynn is extremely knowledgable pragmatic educator who has the ability to make connections with Black youth that many educators are unable to make. He speaks from an authentic background of growing up in urban poverty and attending low-performing public schools. Yet, he is able to inspire young men in ways that few others able to do through 'authentic conversations' which challenge our young men to look at themselves, their actions, their behaviors, and their attitudes toward school. In so doing, they are further challenged with assuming those attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with their desired college/career outcomes. The young men participating in our book clubs and college planning cohorts are beginning to achieve measurable success and remarkable outcomes.
While Mr. Wynn began working with our African-American Male Advisory, we are excited to be expanding his work to include our First Generation initiative to provide support to students who will be the first in their family to attend college.
— Eric Hines, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Guilford County Schools (Greensboro, NC)
The manner in which Mr. Wynn worked with language arts teachers from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice schools was nothing short or remarkable. Not only were teachers engaged, they expanded their understanding of the importance of using 'enabling texts,' engaging students in daily narrative writing, and utilizing differentiated instructional approaches to inspire student writing, but they were engaged throughout the entire day. The teacher evaluations affirmed their engagement, shared their enthusiasm in returning to their classrooms to inspire students, and shared numerous epiphanies regarding changes they planned to make to their instructional strategies. Mr. Wynn is an 'educator's educator!'
— Andrew McGee, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Title I Schools Consultant (Decatur, GA)
Mr. Wynn was remarkable in the manner in which he engaged our students during two assemblies, teachers during the staff development, and parents at the evening presentation. Our students left the assemblies knowing the connections between their gifts, talents, reading, and pursuing their college/career aspirations. Our teachers left with strategies and techniques for inspiring reading and writing across the curriculum and for working with reluctant readers. Our parents left with easily implementable at-home strategies for inspiring and encouraging their children to read and write daily. This was Mr. Wynn's second visit to our school and each time, he was remarkable!
— Jeanelle Lindsay, M.Ed, Reading Specialist/Title I Coordinator, Morehead Elementary School (Greensboro, NC)
As a College Professor/Counselor for the past 20 years I am impressed with the expertise that Mychal and Nina Wynn have regarding the college process. The knowledge that I have gained from working with the Wynns will be extremely beneficial to the students that I work with and help them navigate the college admissions process. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with educators that are committed and passionate about helping students reach their educational goals and attend amazing universities, that they may have believed were out of reach, without the guidance and support of Mychal and Nina Wynn.
— Erainia Freeman, Ed.D., Professor/Parent, Long Beach City College (Long Beach, CA)