Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
Mychal Wynn
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Student Testimonials
When I was in the third grade, I told Mr. Wynn that my mother would not be able to pay for me to attend college so I would need a full scholarship. Mr. Wynn helped me to develop my middle school plan and high school course schedule. He told me that the fastest pathway to a full scholarship would be my SAT/ACT scores, GPA, and class rank. I have followed his advice every step of the way and I am now a high school senior, ranked number one in my class of 470 students. I have also been following a leadership and community service plan to ensure that I am a holistic candidate for college admission to the type of colleges that would offer me a full need-based financial aid package. I applied to all-expenses paid trips to Williams College, Amherst College, and Swarthmore. This was an amazing opportunity to visit colleges that I otherwise could never have afforded to visit. I am a QuestBridge Scholar and will have my application fees waived to all of the colleges to which I plan to apply. The cohort experience has been an amazing experience and provided my mom and me with exposure to unimaginable colleges and scholarships opportunities. My advice to other students is to join the cohort, complete the activities, and follow the plan!
— Kimberly H., 12th Grade, Paulding County High School (Dallas, GA)
Mr. and Mrs. Wynn guided me each step of the way through the college admissions and financial aid processes. They introduced me to the Questbridge Program, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, and the UMBC Meyerhoff Scholars Program. They even got me a $20,000 scholarship offer by simply sending an email to Worcester Polytechnic University. They helped me research colleges and programs that best suited me as a person and guided me through the process of researching the grades and test scores I would need to be a competitive candidate for admission. Mrs. Wynn also helped me to prepare for my interviews with Yale, Cornell, Columbia, and the Meyerhoff Scholars Selection Weekend. The attorney from Yale Law School said that I was the best student he had ever interviewed, and I was one of only a small group of students accepted into the prestigious and highly competitive Meyerhoff Scholars Program. Mr. and Mrs. Wynn also helped me research scholarships and helped me through the process of completing the FAFSA. While, I also got help from my high school guidance counselors when submitting documents and help from teachers for proof reading and reviewing my work, me and my grandmother would have been lost without Mr. and Mrs. Wynn.
— Mikayla H., 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar, M27 Meyerhoff Scholar, UMBC, Infomatics
I do not believe that my college admission process would have been as smooth as it was if it had not been for Mr. and Mrs. Wynn and the College Planning Cohort offered at my church (Turner Chapel AME, Marietta, GA). They helped me develop my résumé, college admission essays, navigate the financial aid process, and revise my scholarship essays. And of course, my mother supported me and definitely prayed for me during this stressful time. She encouraged me, especially when it came down to my anxiety about which college to choose.
— Arielle C., Xavier University of Louisiana, Biology/Pre-med
I entered the college planning process totally clueless. I was unaware of the differences between liberal arts colleges, research universities, or the types of programs offered. I was equally unaware of the admissions and financial aid processes or which type of colleges I would even qualify for admission. I could not have successfully navigated the college admissions process without the support of the Florence County School District 3 College Planning Cohort, and particularly, Mrs.Wynn. Mrs. Wynn guided me through the process, suggested colleges, recommended the ‘Call Me MISTER‘ program, spoke to admissions officers on my behalf at each of my colleges, and helped me prepare for my admissions interviews. Mr. Wynn helped me with my college admissions, Call Me MISTER, and scholarship essays. My parents provided ongoing encouragement and kept me from procrastinating. My mom always said, 'Did you do what Mr. and Mrs. Wynn told you to do? Now, get it done!'
— Avery M., College of Charleston, Elementary Education
I received non-stop ongoing support from Mr. and Mrs. Wynn. The support I received was incredible. They guided me through the process of developing and editing my résumé, editing my college essays, researching colleges, assisting with completing and submitting my college applications, and completing and submitting the FAFSA. I was initially committed to attending Francis Marion University, a popular college choice for students from my high school. However, after visiting Claflin University, where Mr. and Mrs. Wynn arranged a meeting with the Office of Financial Aid, I was able to negotiate (with the Wynns assistance) a far better financial aid package than what Francis Marion had offered.
— DeOsha P., Claflin University, Criminal Justice
I was truly blessed to be able to participate in the Turner Chapel AME 2015 COHORT, where I received tremendous help and support from Mr. and Mrs. Wynn. They were able to help perfect one of the most challenging areas for me in this process, which was the essay writing, for not only college admissions, but also Scholarships, especially the Gates Millennium Scholarship. The Wynns and the members of my COHORT group were also there to offer advice and guidance in exploring different colleges, educational pathways, and opportunities that could assist me in reaching my career goals. My parents were also very instrumental in my success, especially when it came to keeping up with dates, deadlines, and being a source of inspiration when it came time to write essays.
— Janeil S., Wake Forest University, Biology
I received an outstanding and overwhelming amount of support throughout the college admissions process. My mother stayed on me every single day to do something progressive. Every one of the counselors at Grady High School suggested scholarship opportunities on a daily basis. My church family gave me advice, and I had a great deal of support from Mr. and Mrs. Wynn for everything from building my résumé, editing and rewording my college and scholarship essays, and throughout the entire process.
— Ryan B., 2014 Posse Foundation Scholar, Syracuse University, Computer Engineering
I am so grateful to the support of Mr. and Mrs. Wynn and the Turner Chapel AME Church's College Planning Cohort. The college application process and Gates Millennium Scholarship process were so stressful. Without the support of my mom and the Wynns, I do not believe that I would have completed everything. Yet, their support with editing, reviewing, and reviewing again, all of my essays resulted in an amazing outcome. Not only was I accepted into my first choice college—Spelman College, I joined my sister as a Gates Millennium Scholar. Wow! Two Gates Scholars in the same family is an unimaginable blessing. Our family could not have achieved this without the support of Mr. and Mrs. Wynn and the cohort.
— Britanny W., 2014 Gates Millennium Scholar, Spelman College, Biology/Pre-med
Dear Mr. Wynn,
I would like to personally thank you for the speech you gave this morning at Kitty Hawk Middle School. Despite the 400 students in the cafeteria, I felt that you were speaking directly to me. I know that I have not been living up to my full potential. Although I wasn't goofing off, I know I have not been trying my absolute best. As an African-American student, I have been reinforcing the negative stereotypes and living down to the low expectations of others. However, today, after listening to you, I am on the pathway to the honor roll, most challenging classes, leadership, and service! I plan to do it all to ensure that I have the best opportunities to get into college and to earn a full scholarship.
— Raven G., 8th Grade Student at Kitty Hawk Middle School (Universal City, TX)