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College Planning Cohort Student Profiles


What are your college/career aspirations?

"I come from a very closed-knit family and would like to attend college close to home. My parents are getting older and my twin brother, David, and I would like to be in easy driving distance between our respective colleges and home. Two colleges close to home that I am considering are College of Charleston and Francis Marion University—both of which have highly respective nursing programs. I want to celebrate my accomplishments throughout college, and particularly, my college graduation, with my parents."
What are some of your important goals?
"My most important goal is to be a successful college student on my pathway to becoming a Neonatal Nurse. I love caring for babies, so I really want to become a Neonatal Nurse and may even pursue a pathway to becoming a Pediatrician. I want to make my parents proud and I want them to see that their hard work and many sacrifices have paid off in providing me and my twin brother with the opportunity of becoming the first in our family to attend college. Since, I have already been accepted to my two top college choices, Francis Marion and College of Charleston, my goal is to obtain the necessary scholarships and financial aid to fully cover the costs of college."

Rebeca P.

GPA 4.2 on a 5.0 Scale
Class Rank: 6/160
ACT: 20

Translator: Families in the community
Translator: Migrant farm workers
Captain: Varsity Girls Soccer
Volunteer: Youth soccer coach
Founder: Tutoring and Translation Services

National Honor Society; National Beta Club; 4-year Varsity Athlete; South Carolina All Soccer Team; Gates Millennium Scholar Program Finalist.
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How have you benefitted from participating in the College Planning Cohort?

"If I had not participated in the College Planning Cohort I do not know where I would be or how I would pay for college. I am currently a finalist for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, a program that I only learned about through participating in the cohort. Cohort facilitators, Mr. and Mrs. Wynn, my teacher-mentor, Ms. Martinez, and FCSD3 Program Coordinator, Mrs. Scott, have provided me and my twin brother with opportunities that we could  have never imagined. While I have always been a good student, I did not know anything about the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, how to research and apply to colleges, how to complete the FAFSA, or anything beyond attending school and doing my schoolwork. Whether or not I am chosen as a Gates Millennium Scholar, I know that I would not have been able to have made this extraordinary journey without participating in the cohort. It has been such a wonderful opportunity."


What are your college/career aspirations?

"I am intellectually curious, so I want to attend a college or university that will nuture my intellectually curiosity. I would like to pursue a STEM-related discipline in such areas as molecular biology or engineering. I know that I would like to pursue a PhD., however, right now I am not sure of the particular discipline. I want to use my undergraduate experience to discover learning on a college level and to discover more about myself."
What are some of your important goals?​
"My most important goal is attend college without any financial burden on my mother. Since the third grade, my journey through school has been focused on qualifying for a full scholarship to college. My next goal is to identify the college environment where I best fit. I want to enjoy college, experience learning, and have an memorable and personally enriching undergraduate experience."

Kimberly H.

GPA 4.0 on a 4.0 Scale
Class Rank: 1/396
ACT: 32; SAT 1900

Youth Leader: Turner Chapel AME Church
Instructor: Academic Excellence in Math
Vice-president: 4-H of Paulding County
Co-section Leader: Marching Band, Honor Band
Founder: ACT Prep Club
Head Student: Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts

National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Social Studies Honor Society, Nominated for Georgia's Governor's Honors Program
How have you benefitted from participating in the College Planning Cohort?

"I have know Mr. and Mrs. Wynn since I was in elementary school and I have relied on their guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way. I believe we have had the best relationship—they provide the guidance and I do the work. They are amazing and my mother and I have been blessed to know them. They are like my second parents, they are my family. I believe they have given me the best plan, which has already qualified me for a full scholarship to several colleges and universities."
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