Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
Mychal Wynn
Inspiration, Motivation, Strategy
What We Believe
We believe that opportunities to speak are not to be taken likely. Keynote presentations provide an unique opportunity to share both inspiration and information that will leave a lasting impression. The information should be meaningfully relevant and the inspiration should inspire action.
What We Do
Mychal Wynn shares research, personal experiences, anecdotes, and examples in a way as to leave a lasting impression on the listener. Mr. Wynn believes in cultivating conversational communities where educators, parents, administrators, policy makers, and students are engaged in thinking, rethinking, and acting. Audiences will laugh, but they will also be moved to action; audiences will engage in self-reflection about their attitudes, practices, and actions—are they working?
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Mr. Wynn is much more than a motivational speaker, he is an extraordinary educator. His keynote presentations provide lessons in effective instruction. He references research, uses videos, testimonials, personal stories, anecdotes, and real-life examples of student outcomes in a way that makes you laugh, cry, and self-reflect. Mr. Wynn has the unique ability to connect with teachers, parents, and students across socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Wynn has had a transformation impact on our district and the entire Lake City, South Carolina community. The mayor was moved to present Mr. Wynn with a Key to the City, and students and parents have developed a lasting relationship with Mr. Wynn and his wife.
— Laura Hickson, Superintendent of Schools, Florence County School District 3 (Lake City, SC)
The keynote address and workshops that Mr. Wynn presented at the Umoja Conference has reverberated throughout the California Community College System. While everyone at the conference was intrigued with Mr. Wynn's remarkable presentations (keynote address and two workshops), our students were inspired to apply themselves to college on a different level. By and large, students left with more than attitude of passing classes, but with attitude of pursuing a level of intellectualism focused on learning for the sake of learning. Many of my students approach me throughout the conference offering apologies for not having been better and more engaged learners. Mr. Wynn is a dynamic speaker, remarkable educator, and has achieved student outcomes that any educator would envy.
— Karen McCord, Psy.D., Umoja Director, Solano Community College (Suisun, CA)
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