Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
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Parent Testimonials
Dear Mr. Wynn,

I have been meaning to write you and your wife since May of 2015. You and your team have been more than a blessing to our family of five and we cannot thank you guys enough. Our lives have been transformed by following what you teach. We first met you when our eldest, Christina, was in 11th grade, 1/2013.  In short, not only did you touch our hearts, but our children also believed in what you said. Like magic, we were no longer overwhelmed about our decisions because you provided a roadmap to financing and planning a college education for the girls.

We did EVERYTHING you said and listed below are a few of the distinctions and blessings WE (after all, it’s a family affair) received in the aftermath.

Christina received four full rides for college. We directly attribute that to your coaching. These are a few of her accomplishments received AFTER implementing your ‘Wynning’ strategies:

  • National Achievement Finalist
  • Disney Dreamer’s Academy Champion 
  • National Science Foundation Panelist for Computer Science Program at Georgia Tech
  • Posse Foundation Semi-Finalist
  • Science Olympiad winner at the local, state, national level. Set the record in Georgia in Optics competition.
  • FBLA State and National Award in 3D Animation
  • Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (one in art, one in writing)
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • National English Honor Society, National Art Honor Society
  • Nominee Georgia Governor’s Honors Communicative Arts
  • Nominee Girls Get IT of the year (Information Technology)
  • Internship at VOX Teen Communications
  • Directed Study Program in 3D Modeling through TAG Program
  • Founder Video Game Design and Development Club, Marietta High School (GA)
  • Christina applied to 10 colleges, was accepted to 9, received full rides from 4 (FAMU, Howard, University of Ohio, Drexel University), ½ tuition to a couple more.
She chose to attend Drexel University where she is majoring in Video Game Design/Development with a minor in Computer Science. She was wait-listed and then in May, accepted to her dream school, the University of Southern California (USC). Thankfully, through all the coaching, Christina did not hesitate to decline the admission offer after USC only offered 12K in financial aid. The cost to attend USC is approximately 70K and increases 6% per year. 

By the way, this was a student, who until the last semester of her senior year of high school, did not qualify for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship.  Through your coaching, she was not afraid to apply to schools outside of Georgia that might be interested in her profile—African-American;  Female;  STEM. We supported her efforts to ‘Wynn’ in her God-Given talents (writing, technology, art, science). 

I would like to share a little more of our story. We learned that part of our challenge was that we did not qualify for a penny in need-based financial aid, but we do not have the savings to fund the college education for all three of our girls. We thought we did the right thing—purchasing a home for each child early when we were a double-income family. The only problem was, the equity in those homes barely paid for 1.5 years of tuition for ONE child with today’s college costs. The reality is if we attempted to fund our children’s education, we would never be able to retire and we were committed to not incurring student loan debt for us or our children.

The light bulb came on when we first heard you speak. What we find most beneficial is that not only do you speak to us, but you also speak in a manner easily understandable to the children. We are excited to have Faith and Sarah work with you and know we will have less stress this time around since they have an earlier start.

Thank You for Your Ministry and all you do.

Cynthia & Doug Lucas
Mr. Wynn has had a remarkable impact on my grandson. Since beginning middle school, he has maintained his College Planning Notebook and planned his way through school applying everything that Mr. Wynn has said. He applied to the IB program, developed a STEM focus, and has been progressing along in a manner consistent with what Mr. Wynn has said would earn him a full college scholarship. It is uncanny how he walks around quoting Mr. Wynn, 'Grandma, I can't leave any points on the table. My goal is to earn a '100' in all of my classes. I am not going to leave any points on the table.' Leaving the restaurant the other day, a man asked my grandson if he played basketball. He responded, 'No sir,' to which the man responded, 'You are so tall, you must be playing basketball for someone.' My grandson, responded, 'Sir, I do not want to be disrespectful, but I would rather own the team.'   
— Rev. Lynne Burkhead, Grandparent (Marietta, GA)
As Education Ministry Leaders, Mychal and Nina Wynn have implemented the strategies outlined in ‘Show Me the Money’ and earned our church the remarkable honor of having 5 Gates Millennium Scholars, as part of a distinguished cohort of students who have earned millions of dollars in scholarships and who have made the right college choice at institutions throughout the United States. I have used the strategies with my own children and am overjoyed with the blessings that have flowed into so many families in our church and surrounding community.
— Rev. Don Ezell, Youth Pastor and Parent, Turner Chapel AME Church (Marietta, GA)   
My family and I have followed the strategies outlined in this book [Show Me the Mondey: A Comprehensive Guide to Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Making the Right College Choice] since my older daughter was in middle school. She went on to be selected as a 2011 Gates Millennium Scholar. In 2014, her sister was selected as a 2014 Gates Millennium Scholar. In 2015, their brother received athletic and academic scholarships to Morehouse College covering nearly 100 percent of college costs. Mr. Wynn’s strategies have blessed our family with over $1.5 million in scholarship money.   
— Terra White, Parent (Marietta, GA)
My granddaughter did not want to attend Mr. Wynn’s ‘College Planning Boot Camp,’ however, I cannot imagine where she would be if I had not forced her to attend. As a result of Mr. and Mrs. Wynn’s guidance through the strategies outlined in his book, she received over $1 million in scholarship offers. She is a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar and was accepted into the Meyerhoff Scholars program at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. She had all of her application fees waived at the 13 colleges to which she applied and her enrollment fee waived at UMBC. She will receive funding for her education all the way through earning her Ph.D. What a blessing!
— Leatha Hanna, Grandmother (Lake City, SC)
I was familiar with Mr. Wynn’s work before I married and had my own children. Now, as a School Board Member, and parent of a high school senior, I fully understand the value of Mr. Wynn’s work in demystifying the college admissions and financial aid processes. This book [Show Me the Money: A Comprehensive Guide to Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Making the Right College Choice] not only provides practical strategies for top students, it provides indispensable strategies for average students with big dreams.
  — Donna McBride, Ed.D., School Board Member, Henry County Schools (McDonough, GA)