Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
Mychal Wynn
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Get your children into college
Nadia Arandjelovic (The Royal Gazette)
Mychal Wynn suggests three steps for getting children ready for college:
Constantly observe your child’s interests, skills and passions.
In Mr Wynn’s case, whenever he saw that either of his two sons was interest- ed in something he would get them items to do with that for Christmas and their birthdays. “When I noticed our son was interested in art I got him the apron, paints and all the supplies,” he said. This gives them a chance to explore the skill or talent as much as possible early on.
As your child reveals their interests, make sure to provide them with enrichment opportunities in those areas.
Whether it’s in their school curriculum, summer programmes or after school provide them with opportu- nities to grow in those areas, Mr Wynn said. Sometimes children change their minds about a certain hobby or ac- tivity as they get older, but you can always adapt their extracurricular around that.
Start planning.
Mr Wynn calls it “back- ward mapping”—whereby you start by looking at the type of interests your child has, then start researching which universities or degree programmes they might enjoy doing. Look at what types of students get into those universities and receive full scholarships — and set goals around that. “Parents need to start taking into account what kind of education their child may need and how it will get paid for” he said.
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 Beatriz Alvarado (The Caller-Times)
Author, trainer, and motivational speaker Mychal Wynn asked 745 parents to tape a list of colleges to their refrigerators. It's a tactic he advised the group to use to make academic goals a part of daily living. "If you're sitting here and you know your child needs a full scholarship for college, make that your No. 1 household priority," Wynn said to the audience of the 31st annual Parent Involvement Conference "Unmasking Barriers=Student Success." 
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