Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
Mychal Wynn
Inspiration, Motivation, Strategy
Literacy Training
What We Believe
We believe that any conversation regarding increasing college readiness and expanding college access must be research-based and research-responsive. University of Chicago researchers in the  study, 'A Longitudinal Analysis of Third-Grade Students in Chicago in 1996-97 and their Educational Outcomes' (Lesnick, et al., 2010), reached the definitive conclusion that, 
"Students who are above grade level for reading in grade 3 graduate and enroll in college at higher rates than students who are at or below grade level." (p. 2)
However, working against increasing literacy levels are school and peer cultures which devalue reading and intellectualism. Consequently, we believe that teacher training, parenting workshops, and student engagement should be presented with the context of,
"Students MUST achieve a level of reading proficiency above their grade level if they are to significantly increase their changes of enrolling and succeeding in college."
What We Do
Our trainings are designed to increase students' level of reading and writing by providing literacy and writing instruction for teachers, at-home reading and writing strategies for parents, and inspiring students to set personal goals for increasing reading proficiency and developing stronger writing skills, by:
  • Training teachers in differentiated and culturally relevant instruction in literacy and narrative writing
  • Training schools and mentoring organizations in developing Book Clubs, incorporating research on 'enabling texts' and engaging students in a cultural of intellectualism
  • Equipping parents with simple at-home strategies for encouraging and supporting reading and writing
  • Demonstration lessons in which students are inspired to set personal reading and writing goals
  • Cultivating intellectually engaging classroom and small group experiences
The manner in which Mr. Wynn worked with language arts teachers from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice schools was nothing short or remarkable. Not only were teachers engaged, they expanded their understanding of the importance of using 'enabling texts,' engaging students in daily narrative writing, and utilizing differentiated instructional approaches to inspire student writing. Mr. Wynn, a master teacher, had the teachers as engaged as he does students in the classroom. The teacher evaluations affirmed their engagement, shared their enthusiasm in returning to their classrooms to inspire students, and shared numerous epiphanies regarding changes they planned to make to their instructional strategies. Mr. Wynn is an 'educator's educator!'
— Andrew McGee, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Title I Schools Consultant (Decatur, GA)
Mr. Wynn was remarkable in the manner in which he engaged our students during two assemblies, teachers during the staff development, and parents at the evening presentation. Our students left the assemblies knowing the connections between their gifts, talents, reading, and pursuing their college/career aspirations. Our teachers left with strategies and techniques for inspiring reading and writing across the curriculum and for working with reluctant readers. Our parents left with easily implementable at-home strategies for inspiring and encouraging their children to read and write daily. This was Mr. Wynn's second visit to our school and each time, he was remarkable!
— Jeanelle Lindsay, M.Ed, Reading Specialist/Title I Coordinator, Morehead Elementary School (Greensboro, NC)
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