Mychal Wynn is an author and educational consultant specializing in college planning, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, literacy instruction, parenting, and increasing black male achievement.
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  1. College Bound February
    01 Mar, 2018
    March 2018: College Planning Cohort News
    Author: Mychal Wynn (Northeastern '79) Editor: Mychal-David Wynn (Amherst College '13) Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail     Students will receive many college admission decisions this month. For some institutions, over 80 percent of the letters that students will be receiving will be rejection letters. Fortunately, by matching to the right colleges and creating high quality self-presentations, most of our current cohort seniors will be accepted at over 90 percent of their colleges, proving
  2. UNCF STEM Scholar Scholarship
    08 Jan, 2018
    UNCF STEM Scholar Scholarship
    UNCF STEM Scholars Program UNCF has partnered with The Fund II Foundation to establish a scholarship program to help African American students seeking careers in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For 2018, The Fund II Foundation UNCF STEM Scholars Program will identify 100 African American high school students who are determined to pursue careers in STEM fields. These students will receive scholarships, internships, mentoring and other tools to help them reach their
  3. Completing the CSS Profile
    04 Jan, 2018
    Completing the CSS Profile
    The CSS/Financial Aid Profile Is this the FAFSA? The CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Profile) is not the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is a program under the authority of the U.S. Department of Education and required by all colleges, that consider students for federal student aid. The CSS/Financial Aid Profile is an additional set of financial documents required by some private institutions, that consider students for institutional grants,